Hand-Made Embellished Feather Angel Wings

Love Baby J

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$ 199.00 

Our elegant and enchanting Feather wings are perfect for an angel, bride, faerie, photographer, or anything in between! They are crafted by hand from dyed white and cream turkey, rooster, and ostrich feathers. 
Each pair of Love Baby J's wings are lovingly handcrafted from start to finish and are completely unique. . Each feather is carefully selected and trimmed, then double glued for security. 
The front of the wings feature a gorgeous vintage lace trimmed in an absolutely exquisite crystal pearl drop trim. The middle of the wings feature beautiful silk floral, lace, ribbons, maribou, and pearls. There are luxurious crystal and pearl buttons and beautiful organza floral accents throughout. The back of the wings are adorned with two unforgettable vintage style pearl, lace, crystal, and flower rosette appliques.
These one of a kind Angel Wings are incredibly sturdy, bendable (to a degree), and comfortable to wear. They look wonderful hanging on your wall as well!


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