"Emulate Elegance"... An Unforgettable Flower Girl Dress

Love Baby J

$ 299.00 


When it comes to fairy tale style, this Love Baby J original is second to none!

"Emulate Elegance" is An Unforgettable Flower Girl Dress. This one of a kind design is an elegant ankle length gown made of a luxurious satin fabric.The unforgettable pearl and crystal trim and sculptural lace and rooster feather neckline radiate an ornate feel. The waistline is adorned with an absolutely exquisite removable brooch featuring silk floral, ribbon, crystals, and pearls.There are gorgeous silk rose and pearl brooches adorning the skirt, and a crinoline underskirt for added fullness. 
Enchanting and elegant, this decadent gown from Love Baby J is a true beauty and  An Unforgettable Flower Girl Dress!
Made with Love from start to finish in our Washington studio. 

Available in sizes 2-12


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