Rooster Feather Capelet - Children's Couture Clothing

Love Baby J

$ 209.00 

Perfect for a dash of vintage glamour or a bit of warmth on a chilly fall evening, our Rooster feather capelet is the ideal add on for your spring wedding.  Featuring top of the line scrumptious iridescent natural rooster feathers lined with a gorgeous faux fur leopart  fabric
The Perfect accessory for your wedding party, pageant, or special occasion. What a FABULOUS  avant garde piece to wear to any formal event!
***1). Wear the capelet over the shoulders with the ribbons under the arms and tied in back, OR (2). Ribbons tied in front, OR (3). Around the waist as a bustle.***

100% handmade.
Natural feather body.
Can be worn tied as a cape or wrap around.
Ballerina neckline.
Ribbon tie, Layered feather detail.
Professional dry clean only.

A word about care 

Feathers are like our own hair, they like a little oil or they dry out. The oils in your hands are sufficient to help hydrate your feathers. Run your fingers through the feathers every couple of months or just wear your feathers  next to your skin every once in awhile.

Children's Couture Clothing


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